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At ESLSCA we don’t just give students an education, but also experiences that set them up for success in any career.


ESLSCA Established in Paris

Founded in 1949, Paris ESLSCA (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent institution of higher education.


French Accreditation


First MBA Class In Egypt


ESLSCA University In Egypt

In the year 2016, ESLSCA Egypt achieved yet another milestone: the inauguration of ESLSCA Egypt University, and was granted full accreditation by the issuance of the Presidential Decree No.597, on the 5th of December, 2017, being recognized as the first acknowledged branch of a foreign university in Egypt.

ESLSCA Around The World

With over 65 years of excellence in management education and a worldwide alumni network, we continue to offer accelerated, rigorous and innovative programs that allow students to move forward in a successful career. Paris ESLSCA Business School, L’École de Guerre Économique, IFAM and INSAM are all under the umbrella of Groupe ESLSCA. ESLSCA Grande École de Commerce offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that meet all students’ educational requirements.

Why Get Your Degree Here?

 According to an article by Business Insider ESLSCA Business School was is one of the top 19 European universities where graduates earn the most after graduation.

At ESLSCA University, you get your knowledge from a top-ranked faculty carefully selected by our pedagogical committee. If your goal is to be taught by globally acclaimed academics delivering cutting- edge, research led lectures, then you have come to the right place. Our professors will challenge you through interactive discussions and utilize the extensive knowledge and insights they have gained from years of experience and research in both business and academia. Our instructors are experts in guiding, mentoring and inspiring students in their programs of study.

Over the past 20 years, ESLSCA Egypt has established more than 160 corporate agreements and deals with both multinationals and large local companies in different sectors, students can benefit from.

ESLSCA will be supporting your dreams by accepting your project into our incubator program. A team of professionals will provide technical know-how, financials, and legal parameters to ensure a successful kick start to any Startup venture.

Our Ranking

  • “The development of innovative and socially responsible leaders with a global perspective through the most up-to-date business (and related fields) educational models coupled with the appropriate research methods“
  • ESLSCA’s approach to teaching is an interactive exercise approach as ESLSCA adapts and improve its programs and curricula to meet the needs and demands of future leaders.
  • ESLSCA’s faculty members are thought leaders and firm believers that the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION will soon prevail over every part of this world and will affect all industries and priorities of human capital tasks. The New Knowledge and Digital Society will definitely require a new system of business education which they have already developed and successfully used. Topics such as Science, Technology, Computers, and Mathematics (STEM) are integrated in our programs in addition to Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups, Sustainability, Socially Responsible Corporate Citizenship, Cross-culture Management, and Competitive Intelligence.
  • ESLSCA is proud of our pioneering efforts to be THE FIRST ENTREPRENEURIAL UNIVERSITY established in the Middle East and Africa. ESLSCA is harmoniously striving hard to foster the Egyptian social and economic sustainable growth.
  • Looking forward to accepting students who are strongly motivated to improve themselves and broaden their potentials, and are keen to join the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ERA in any piece of land on this globe. If you are seeking a Bachelor, Graduate Diploma, MBA or DBA, ESLSCA is your vehicle to reach your destination.

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Global Accreditation

ESLSCA Business School programs are accredited from the French Higher Ministry of education. It is the first European University to be granted national accreditation and equivalency from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. ESLSCA University is a member of EFMD, AACSB, has achieved two palmes of excellence in the Eduniversal Business Schools ranking. Most recently ESLSCA University was granted accreditation by the Egyptian Higher Ministry of Education for the School of Computing and Digital Tech.

Partners Of Eslsca

For years ESLSCA University has developed close partnerships both in various corporate sectors and academic partnerships as well.

Our academic partners can be found in 16 countries around the world, where at any time students can relocate to study there. Being in a city-campus, has allowed us to give our students better access to our corporate partners, allowing students to benefit from them during their study period at ESLSCA.

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Campus Tour

ESLSCA University has 13 city-campuses all over the broad governorates of Egypt to make your learning journey easily accessible for all. Our campuses are situated in the heart of the business world, allowing better contact for students with our corporate partners. With over 6 branches across the globe from Paris to Uganda.

ESLSCA Headquarter is located at Km 22 of Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road Giza, Egypt.