Ex3 ESLSCA's Entrepreneurial Enterprise

It is the center responsible for fostering entrepreneurship within ESLSCA’s students and alumni. Our different programs are geared to support aspiring entrepreneurs through their entire start-up journey from ideation to growth.

Our Incubation Programs

ESLSCA offers its students the unique option to join one or more of our incubation programs to kick-start their own businesses. 

Bullet our pre-incubator program

Bullet is our pre-incubator program that support students through the process of ideation, design thinking and early product design. Through our program we create link with the different industries and provide the students with the opportunity to be coach and inspired by excelling entrepreneurs and industry leaders. This is made possible through our track partners who support us run our 4 different tracks; sports industry track, green and sustainable industries track, creative local industries track and the tech-enabled start-ups track. 

Flat6Labs Partnership

Promising ideas get to grow and develop their business further through our incubation program.

This year, we are partnering with Flat6Labs to offer our start-up teams a top-notch incubation program. 

Here are some of our featured start-ups competing for our 10,000 USD prize for the year 2021-2022


Clothverse is the new Shazam for clothing items. 


Rahma is a non-profit organisation that aims to change the method of donating.


Keypal  provides a platform targeted for youth facing difficulties finding jobs without yet having academic qualifications


Mobilya  is a mobile app that people can download and use to design the furniture of their homes by following very simple steps. 


IZEN a fast fashion E-Commerce platform which aims to not only provide customers with theultimate online fashion shopping experience, but to also act as a catalyst to improve brands’online sales performance.

About The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab acts as a cross-functional hub that creates a safe haven for new ideas. With opportunities for individuals and group collaboration across different disciplines, It’s a place that fosters a culture of innovation through the creation, sharing and testing of ideas. The main aim from existing this space is to encourage curiosity, experimentation and collaboration. The place will be designed for makers to showcase their own products to investors, employees or even customers.


How It Works

The Innovation Center typically includes the latest technologies and tools for employees to use to experiment or iterate on their ideas and products or see how else they might apply the technologies in their businesses.

Become a new intrapreneur

Beside our incubator programs, we are offering our students the opportunity to be a part of a growing start-up and experiencing the life of entrepreneurs through joining our intrapreneur program. If you are a start-up interested in growing your team for an internship duration and experiencing the ESLSCA mindset in your work environment please get in touch with us on ex3@eslsca.edu.eg

Ex3 ESLSCA's Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Interested in mentoring or coaching one of our start-ups?

 Join our mentorship program and get access to our Ex3 network exclusive events and benefits. Get in touch with us on ex3@eslsca.edu.eg

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