Ex3 ESLSCA's Entrepreneurial Enterprise

ESLSCA-Ex3 was launched in 2021 with the aim of supporting ESLSCA’s entrepreneurial vision and creating a new wave of ESLSCAian entrepreneurs. 

Our Incubation Programs

Our programs cater to both innovation driven startups, as well as brand-centric ventures; focusing on local product development. We offer a wide array of programs including our start-up incubation, bootcamps, Hackathons, etc.

ESLSCA offers its students the unique option to join one or more of our incubation programs to kick-start their own businesses. 


Ex3 Start-up incubator is a 12-week program focused on developing and growing start-ups with high growth potential aiming to create and introduce new and innovative solutions. With this program, we are focusing on companies rooted in innovation, depending on trending technologies and mostly “disruptive”.

The program takes participants through the stages of conceptualizing, product development, testing and validating.


To complement our undergraduate specialization in Luxury Brand Management, and to support local youth brand development, we launched Ex3 Brand Incubator. 


The brand Incubator is a 9-week condensed program designed to deliver skills relevant to brand-centric start-ups.

Cohort ‘21

In 2021, we hosted our first incubation cycle, partnering with Flat6Labs to offer our start-up teams a top-notch incubation program. Our 10 finalist start-ups received hands-on support to translate their entrepreneurial passion to a viable business. Ex3 awarded the top 3 teams with the highest potential a pre-seed fund totaling USD$ 10,000.

About The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab acts as a cross-functional hub that creates a safe haven for new ideas. It provides opportunities for individuals and groups to collaborate across different disciplines. It’s a place that fosters a culture of innovation through the creation, sharing and testing of ideas. The main objective of having this space is to encourage curiosity, experimentation and collaboration. The space will be designed for innovators to showcase their products to investors, employees or even customers.

Strike Up Hackathon Event

The Strike Up hackathon is a 48-hour sprint-like design event, organized by ESLSCA’s Innovation Lab. During the event tech- enthusiasts will get together and collaborate to create solutions to an existing hardware or software problem, within a two days challenge. Our goal is to get a new wave of ideas from participants, and to turn possible prototypes into scalable software. 

Less Cash Framework Economy

Reaching a less cash framework economy is one of Fintech’s important goals. At our Strike Up hackathon, we are looking for solutions to encourage citizens to pay digitally for their products and services, instead of using cash. Going cashless facilitates the efficient transfer of funds and contributes to increasing government receipts and state resources, which supports the national economy.

Banking The Unbanked Track​

How to engage citizens from the formal and informal sectors enrolled in the banking system. Here at the Strike Up Hackathon , we are looking for innovative ideas that promotes the idea of banking the unbanked people, and how to reach this umbrella of the financial inclusion.

Ex3 finalists for round 2021-2022 for funds up to 10,000 USD

First Place

UNKOWN STATS secured the first place prize of 5,000$. It aims to help the sports industry achieve better analytics for players.

Second Place

CAREEL, a platform for easing the job hunting process for university students, received second place status.

Third Place

Lastly, RAHMA a social enterprise startup aims to fill the gap between donors and NGOS by providing innovative platform where you can donate through, won third place.

Here are some of our featured start-ups for the year 2021-2022


Clothverse is the new Shazam for clothing items. 


Rahma is a non-profit organisation that aims to change the method of donating.


Keypal  provides a platform targeted for youth facing difficulties finding jobs without yet having academic qualifications


Mobilya  is a mobile app that people can download and use to design the furniture of their homes by following very simple steps. 


IZEN a fast fashion E-Commerce platform which aims to not only provide customers with theultimate online fashion shopping experience, but to also act as a catalyst to improve brands’online sales performance.

BBA company or a start-up with a challenge? Get Support from ESLSCA entrepreneurs!

Regardless whether you are a growing start-up or an established corporation, Ex3 entrepreneurs can offer you support to crack challenges in your business. Ex3 has launched the student consultancy service to offer start-ups and corporates the chance to engage with students and participants and provide them with fresh solutions for operational and market bottlenecks. Our team will meet with your company to translate your problem into a case study, while selected talents from ESLSCA will work on studying the case, consulting with your team and finally providing you with a report entailing their recommendations and course of action. If you are interested to collaborate, don’t hesitate to fill in our engagement form.

Interested in engaging with Ex3 as a trainer, coach or mentor?

If you are a trainer, coach, mentor, start-up founder or investor, we are interested in getting in touch! Please FILL in our Engagement Form so our team can get in touch with you.

Core Courses

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Economics for Mangers
  • Financial Management
  • Contemporary Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Methods for Mangers
  • Entrepreneurships & SMEs
  • Strategic Management
  • Operation & Supply Chain Management
  • International Finance & FinTech
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation (including Digital Marketing)
  • Big Data & Consumers
  • Specialized Elective 1
  • Specialized Elective 2
  • Management Consulting (In-class) & Competitive Intelligence (online)