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Work-life Blend
World-life blend

This course aims help participants reduce stress levels experienced from work overload, via equipping them with essential knowledge of the “work life blend” concept and practical tools to reach this state of equilibrium.

Winning Negotiations
Winning Negotiations

The main aim of this course is to build up the readiness of participants for any negotiation through basic conceptual knowledge of negotiation ingredients and behaviors, in addition to frameworks and tools that put the odds of negotiation on your favor.

The Time Resource
The Time Resource

This course aims to help participants manage their time through understanding how to manage themselves, how to organize their tasks and how to make use of new tools and technologies to make use of every moment.

The Inclusive Workplace
The Inclusive Workplace

This course aims to encourage diversity and inclusion through reinforcing participants with the knowledge and practices to frame initiatives and strategies that promotes diversity and inclusion within their workplaces.

The Feedback Master
The Feedback Master

The main goal of this course is to prepare participants with the proper mindset and tools to cope with receiving critical feedback and use tools to prepare constructive feedback for others.

The Confidence Muscle
The Confidence Muscle

The major aim of this course is to support participants with knowledge and practices that help them raise their self-confidence guiding their way into more assertive attitude and better decision making.

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Core Courses

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Economics for Mangers
  • Financial Management
  • Contemporary Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Methods for Mangers
  • Entrepreneurships & SMEs
  • Strategic Management
  • Operation & Supply Chain Management
  • International Finance & FinTech
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation (including Digital Marketing)
  • Big Data & Consumers
  • Specialized Elective 1
  • Specialized Elective 2
  • Management Consulting (In-class) & Competitive Intelligence (online)