Student Life

The aim at ESLSCA University is to have a vibrant campus where it offers a variety of activities to enrich student’s study experience.  

Activities & Clubs

Part of your journey at ESLSCA University is participating in various non-profit and volunteering activities that happens outside the classroom. These activities provide you with the opportunity to improve your academic performance, explore your interests and hobbies, make new friends, and develop essential interpersonal and soft skills such as leadership time management and team building.


  • Explore your talents in activities such as theater, painting, fashion, carving and many more.
  • Join our new ESLSCA music band and either sing, write music or play an instrument.
  • Practice a sport and join a University sports team.
  • Be exposed to various cultures through trips not just in Egypt but around the world.
  • Make a difference in the Egyptian society by enhancing the living standards of less fortunate communities.
  • Conduct an effective awareness campaign.
  • Learn how to plan an event or a concert.


ESLSCA will be supporting your dreams by accepting your project into our incubator program during your undergraduate studies. A team of professionals will provide technical know-how, financials, and legal parameters to ensure a successful kick start to any startup venture.


Over the past 20 years, ESLSCA Egypt has established more than 160 corporate agreements and deals with both multinationals and large local companies in different sectors, which grant students internship opportunities during their study period.

Class of 2019 during their first internship @ ESLSCA University


To get undergraduate students exposed to different cultures and work environment a wide range of trips are arranged yearly. Trips may include traveling to other governors in Egypt or traveling abroad alongside visiting the workplace of one of our corporate partners.


On the left are pictures of the BBA trip to Juhayna. Here students got exposed to the nature of work in the factory.

Training and Workshops

Through the years ESLSCA has offered a wide range of trainings and workshops in order to shed awareness and discuss a variety of topics. Among some of the topics addressed in the past where time management, dealing with current economic situation and how to deal with a remote team. Stay tuned for more workshops and trainings to come in the future.  

ESLSCA Webinar

1st Edition with Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin

International Culture Exchange

AIESEC Exchange Program:

AIESEC is an international youth-run, non-governmental and non-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. The organization focuses on empowering young people to make a Progressive social impact. Countries students pick from are Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Romania, Costa Rico and Germany. The internships provide students with different exposures to the business world. Requirements to join the program is to have a good academic standing and quality English. At the time of the exchange ask about the specific internships available.

China Exchange Program:

Students are provided with a two month internship in Nanning, China. During the two months students take a 2 week camping trip where they teach young children English. At the same time professionals come to teach the students chines so they immerse in the Chines culture. The rest of the time period is spent on an internship which is unpaid however all the accommodation and food are free. Please ask what exactly the internships are at the time of your travel. Students only pay for the travel ticket and issuing the visa. Requirements to join the program is to have a good academic standing and quality English.

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