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Visual Arts and Creativity Management

Career-oriented education (We will bring the industry to you). Our students will be constantly exposed to professionals and international practitioners.

Program Workshops

in the era of VR/AR

This workshop will aim to discover the new possibilities that modern technology can offer to the development of traditional scenography, in order to expand the terms in which set design can be implemented and facilitated through incorporating technology

Film Expression

The workshop will focus on pushing each participant to identify and develop his/her own film language in a durable manner. 

Documentary Directing

This Workshop aims to give the participants the tools and the confidence to become successful documentary makers. 

Economic Intelligence

A successful graduate is able to identify key organizational patterns and trends, preparing him/her to handle any economic problem that may arise.


Offering a complete, well-rounded education to any enthusiastic candidate with a passion for people and service in the world of tourism.

European Visual Arts and Creativity Management Degrees In Egypt

All ESLSCA Bachelor programs follow the ECTs, allowing the participants to attain their bachelor’s degree in 3 years. ESLSCA’s 70+ years of experience in the business world is an add-on when it comes to the creative industry, allowing you to turn your passion into an innovative business, focusing on your entrepreneurial mindset with an Arts-technology integration, enabling the students to integrate and approach the industry with a transformative technological mindset to fit the niche market of the digital transformation wave that the ever-changing business and cultural world is undergoing.

Core Courses

Students are required to complete the following courses before advancing to their chosen specializations 

Course Info

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for the academic year 2022 - 2023:

  • Application fees: EGP 1000 (Non-refundable)
  • E-library /Academic Resources: EGP 5,000
  • Tuition Per Year: EGP 165,000 (Last installment equivalent in Euro)
  • Activities: EGP 5,000
  • Medical Insurance: EGP 1,500
  • Technology fees: EGP 3000 per year
  • Semester in Paris*: TBA

Tuition fees can be paid in two installments per semester.

ESLSCA provides transportation. Fees depend on location.

*Semester fees in Paris include tuition fees only. The cost of living and traveling are not included.

Admission Requirements

  • French Baccalaureate : Minimum Grade of 10/20

8 O Levels, or 6 O Levels and 1 (AS or AL), or 4 O Levels and 2 (AS/AL)

Minimum grade of 4 for O level subjects.

Minimum grade of 3 for AS or AL subjects.

  • American Diploma:

Cumulative GPA (grade 10,11,12) minimum 2.0 in addition to SAT1 with a minimum score of 950, or EST1 with a minimum score of 950 or ACT1 with a minimum score of 17 (Science is not required).

Qualifying Subjects: English Language/Literature and Mathematics.

Optional subjects should include 6 of the following: Geography/Global Studies/History/Economics/Business Studies/Principles of Statistics/Accounting/Consumer Math/Commercial Studies/ Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Human Biology/German/French/Computer Science.

  • IB: minimum requirement 24/42
  • Canadian Diploma: Successfully completed 8 different subjects.

Accepted students should have spent the last three years of study in the Canadian system. Grades (10,11,12) with an overall score of 70%.

  • German Abitur: Minimum requirement GPA 3.5
  • Thanaweya Amma: Minimum score of 65%
  • Candidates need to provide the IELTS Certificate with a minimum score of 6.0 or the TOEFL certificate of 540 or TOEFL IBT 60 in order to be exempted from the internal English placement test.
  • Official School transcript needed.
  • English placement exam need. 
    • ILTES minimum score 6 or you take the ESLSCA English exam.


Under graduation admission starts at the beginning of January. Early admission ends March 31st, however students can continue applying until end of August for regular admission. 

Students who apply during  the early admission period benefit from a discount.  

Both tests are on the same day one week after applying. The English exam includes general knowledge multiple-choice questions. The psychometric exam is just a personality test to get to know ESLSCA’s new students.

You can either check out our online virtual tour at or by booking a private tour or a group open day through After booking, online ESLSCA’s administration team will email or call you back with the tour timing.   

It is best to go in your 2nd year to take your core courses there. If you decided to go in the 3rd year you will not find all of the specializations provide in Cairo. 

It is best to go in your 2nd year to take your core courses there. If you decided to go in the 3rd year you will not find all of the specializations provide in Cairo. 

ESLSCA is the first European University to be granted national accreditation and equivalency from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. ESLSCA University has achieved two palmes of excellence in the Eduniversal Business Schools ranking. Most recently ESLSCA University was granted accreditation by the Egyptian Higher Ministry of Education for the School of Computing and Digital Tech.

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Year 1

  • S1 Applied business math systems
  • S1 Applied business math systems tutoring
  • S1 Applied statistical methods: basic statistics
  • S1 Applied statistical methods: basic statistics tutoring
  • S1 Basic French/ Spanish
  • S1 Business English
  • S1 French heritage
  • S1 Personal Development
  • S1 Microeconomics
  • S1 Multicultural management theory
  • S1 Organizational systems and team management
  • S1 Strategic marketing
  • S1 Strategic marketing Tutoring
  • S2 Applied accounting principles
  • S2 Applied business math systems: intermediate level
  • S2 Applied management theories: business cases
  • S2 Applied statistical methods: univariate statistics
  • S2 Basic French 2/Spanish 2
  • S2 Entrepreneurship and storytelling
  • S2 French civilization
  • S2 Macroeconomics
  • S2 Macroeconomics Tutoring
  • S2 Operations management
  • S2 Oral English
  • S2 Problem solving and smart systems
  • S2 Product, services, and brand management
  • S2 Personal Development 2

Year 2

  • S1 Applied business math systems: advanced level
  • S1 Applied business math systems: advanced level tutoring
  • S1 Business English
  • S1 Commercial law
  • S1 Conferences and talks
  • S1 Corporate social responsibility
  • S1 Visits
  • S1 Cost accounting
  • S1 Econometrics and big data
  • S1 Econometrics and big data tutoring
  • S1 French 3 / Spanish 3
  • S1 Fundamentals of financial analysis
  • S1 Fundamentals of financial analysis tutoring
  • S1 IT systems, Coding and artificial intelligence
  • S1 Mandarin
  • S1 Social networks and marketing
  • S2 Analytical Accounting
  • S2 Analytical Accounting tutoring
  • S2 Business and economic intelligence
  • S2 French 4/Spanish 4
  • S2 Innovation disruptive technology
  • S2 International business law and ethics
  • S2 Internship/ social activity
  • S2 Logistics and Supply Chain
  • S2 Logistics and Supply Chain tutoring
  • S2 Mandarin
  • S2 Marketing research: applied methods
  • S2 Startup project
  • S2 Stock market lab
  • S2 Strategic models 1
  • S2 Strategic models tutoring
  • S2 Advanced Business English

Core Courses/ In-Class:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Economics for Managers 
  • Financial Management

Core Courses/ Online:

  • Contemporary Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Methods for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital 
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management 
  • International Finance and Fintech
  • Design Thinking and Agile
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Management Consulting