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Accelerate your career progress through world class learning solutions provided by top notch subject matter experts in the business world.

European Business and Digital Certificates in Egypt

ESLSCA executive education’s programs aim at educating and developing employees to face and overcome business challenges in a rapidly changing world through a unique spectrum of advanced Professional programs & Consultancy Services. What makes the programs so dynamic is the absence of boundaries. Any course can be tailored to match the needs of individuals and companies.

Our Solutions

We provide learning solutions that help you reach organizational and individual excellence in the fast-changing world of business, by enabling you with the most recent learning solutions and educational tools, both practical and academic, resulting in transforming mindsets and empowering you and your organization to reach your maximum potentials. Focusing on 3 main pillars: Building business acumen, reaching digital savviness and being equipped with the most advanced personal development competencies.

Our Blueprint

Organizational Level

Whether to improve performance, retain key employees, sustain a healthy working culture, and impact overall organization ROI, employees’ continuous education is one of the main strategies to achieve these organizational goals. This is where ESLSCA School of Executive Education comes to provide its core value to organizations to aid them reach their aspired professional development goals. Through learning experiences in business acumen, digital savviness and people development competencies.

Individual Level

We believe in the value of human capital; the human brain has infinite abilities that only need unlocking.  Our executive education school will give you the keys/tools to maximize your brain capabilities. We aim to keep contributing to the continuous development of our society by providing a spectrum of solutions that help our community to grow on both their personal and professional levels.




Our People:

In order to make sure that our solutions is fitting our Blueprint, we decided to use a wide variety of Expertise to craft our learning solutions.

  • Research and Development (R & D) Team:

    Crafting our learning solutions is a very intense process that passes through several phases, lead by our in-house R&D team, making sure that our solutions are totally matching to our clients pains/ needs, providing on ground practical tools to reach all their strategic objectives.

  • Industry Subject Matter Experts:

    “Relevance” is a key Pillar in our facilitation process, making sure that our content is relevant to our audience is not an option, in order to ensure relevance we choose Subject Matter Experts, Trainers and Facilitators who can tailor course agenda according to the audience, using the same language, terminologies and links our learners use in their daily business life.

  • ESLSCA Faculty Members:

    Backing our curriculums with latest academic researches and making sure that they are following ESLSCA University educational standards is an essential milestone in creating executive education learning programs and maintaining the quality of the programs delivered. This happens through our esteemed faculty members either school of business or school of computing and digital tech.

Khaled ElKafrawy

30 years of experience in marketing, customer service, contracts negotiations, leading teams, facilitation and consultancy, ranged from multinationals, local and regional profit and non-profit making organizations.

Hala Tarek

14 years of experience in the people development field ranging from training delivery, learning consultancy, instructional design and coaching and a senior Learning & Development Consultant.

Hassan Orabi

20 years in one of the banking sector navigating multiple roles and functions including Financial Control, Corporate Credit, Corporate & Investment Exposure Management.

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Tailored programs designed to develop reliable mindset and /or professional competencies to narrow the skill gap. 


Customized programs designed to support governmental sectors with need-based or competency-based trainings to elevate their performance.


Programs with international or domestic society-based approach aiming to equip volunteers or participants with required competencies to elevate their performance.


Open enrollment programs that prepare participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes required in marketplace using progressive educational methods with a practical edge.


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Executive Education Framework

ESLSCA School of Executive Education is the professional development arm of ESLSCA University with the aim of equipping executives with the most advanced competencies that would help them to excel in their professional careers, through providing them world-class trainings, coaching and consultation facilitated by top notch Subject Matter Experts backed by the academic expertise of ESLSCA University faculty members.

Community Of Master
Trainers & Faculty Members

Finding the sweet spot between “Academic Knowledge” and “Practicality of Learning” is the main mission of our Master instructors and faculty members making sure that our curriculums are following ESLSCA University educational standards and on the other hand maintaining the relevance of the programs delivered to the day to day business.

Our In-House
Institutionalized Team

Crafting our learning solutions is a very intense process that passes through several phases, lead by our in-house R&D team, making sure that our solutions are totally matching to our clients pains/ needs, providing on ground practical tools to reach all their strategic objectives.

Our Content:

Instructional design is a vital process in developing any learning solution in executive education, either on individual level or organizational level, this process ensures the presence of 4 main pillars in our curriculums:

Practicality of Learning:

Hands on experience with practical tools relevant to audience.


Academic Background:

Backing our content with the latest research, to ensure content validity and quality.



Entertainment is an essential part of process, taking into consideration now a days attention span.


Sustainability of learning:

Making sure that the learnings are sustainable and can be applied on the day to day life of the audience.

Clients List

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Core Courses/ In-Class:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Economics for Managers 
  • Financial Management

Core Courses/ Online:

  • Contemporary Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Methods for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital 
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management 
  • International Finance and Fintech
  • Design Thinking and Agile
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Management Consulting